Rack Conveyor Dishwashers DW3000KR

3000 plate / hour • Rack conveyor • With drying tunnel
Pre – wash + Wash + 1.th Rinse + Dryer • 1 speed
Body, suporting, frame, panelling and built – in booster heater made of stainless steel.
Automatic filling of wash tank and constant water level control.
Dishwasher with pull-through rack; easy, fast, reliable,
economical and practical.
Wash and rinse temperatures automatically and constantly controlled by two independent thermostat for perfect wash and rinse action.
Electrical components and cabling complying with international
standarts and security regulations.
All components may be easily reached and inspected for quick and
efficient servicing.
Full automatic wash at 55 °C and uninterrupted operation.
Hot water rinse cycle at 80-85 °C.
The control circuit is also low-voltage (24 V) for greater safety during use.
Together with door safety button.

Automatic rinseaid dispenser
Automatic detergent dispenser
Loading / Unloading table
With switch to stop on unloading table
2 speed motor

Durability 99%
Customer Rating
Dimension (mm) 2960x700x1900
Gross (kg) 470
Gross m 34.68
Total Power W 46870
Energy 380V/ 3~/ 50Hz
EAN No 8699234410192