HOT MAX 900 GAS | GR932

Gas • On 2/1 GN gas oven • 6 burners Without tray and container
GR922K+GR911 Body, panelling made of stainless steel. LP or natural gas. Burners with pilot, safety valve and thermocouple.

Oven burner with ignition, pilot, thermocouple and thermostat. If the flame goes out, gas are cutted off. Each gas burner provides heat economy, operating independently from each other.

Gas devices are preset to natural gas (G20). Liquid gas nozzles are enclosed (G30).

Durability 99%
Dimension (mm) 1275x900x900
Gross (kg) 203
Gross (m³) 1.44
Total Power (W) 6×8000 7500
Energy Gas
EAN No 699234411205
Gas Consumption (NG) 5.79 m³/h
Gas Comsumption (LPG) 4.35 kg/h
Gas Inlet 1/2 in
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