HOT MAX 900 GAS | GR922E

Gas • on 2/1 GN Electric oven • 4 burners Without tray and container Body, panelling made of stainless steel. LP or natural gas. Burners with pilot, safety valve and thermocouple. Controlled by thermostats against overheating. The oven with two fans.

Gas devices are preset to natural gas (G20). Liquid gas nozzles are enclosed (G30).

Durability 99%
Dimension (mm) 850x900x900
Gross (kg) 158
Gross (m³) 0.97
Total Power (W) 4×8000 6000
Energy 220/240 V | 50/60 Hz
EAN No EAN 8699234410772
Gas Consumption (NG) 3.34 m³/h
Gas Comsumption (LPG) 2.51 kg/h
Gas Inlet 1/2 in
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