Dish Washer DW 500NP

500 plates/hour
Body supporting frame, panelling and builtin booster heater made of stainless steel.
Automatic filling of wash tank and constant water level control.
Wash and rinse temperatures automatically and constantly ontrolled by two independent thermostats for perfect wash and rinse action.

Electrical components and cabling complaying with international standarts and security regulations.

All components may be easily reached and inspected for quick and efficient servicing.
Full automatic wash cycle at 55 °C with a program cycle of 2 minutes.

Hot water rinse cycle at 80 – 85 °C

Together with door safety switch and automatic rinseaid dispenser.
Automatic rinseaid dispenser is included in the price.

Max. power 5050 watt

With drain pump


Durability 99%
Customer Rating
Dimension (mm) 590x600/650x810
Gross (kg) 67
Gross m 30.38
Total Power W 7550
Energy 220/240 V 50/60 Hz
EAN No 8699234445880